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At Unique Aircon, we offer comprehensive AC services to ensure your cooling systems operate at peak efficiency and provide optimal comfort. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

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AC Services

    1. Anti-rust deep clean AC service: Our anti-rust deep clean service helps remove dirt, dust, and rust particles from your AC unit, ensuring improved performance and longevity.
    2. Deep clean AC service (Split AC/Cassette AC/Ductable AC): We provide deep cleaning services for various types of AC units, including split, cassette, and ductable ACs, to eliminate accumulated dirt and debris and maintain optimal air quality.
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AC Service By Unique Aircon
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Maintenance & Repair

    1. AC Check-up: Regular AC check-ups are essential to identify any potential issues and ensure your system operates smoothly. Our thorough check-ups include inspections of all components to detect and address any problems early on.

    2. Gas leak fixing and refill (Split AC/Cassette AC/Ductable AC): If your AC system is experiencing gas leaks, our technicians can identify and fix the leaks, as well as refill the refrigerant to restore proper functioning.

    3. Anti-rust coating (Split AC/Cassette AC/Ductable AC): We apply anti-rust coatings to AC units to protect them from corrosion and extend their lifespan.

    4. PCB checking & replacement: We offer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) checking and replacement services to ensure the electrical components of your AC system are functioning correctly.

    5. Cooling Coil replacement: If your AC’s cooling coil is damaged or malfunctioning, we provide replacement services to restore efficient cooling performance.

    6. Condensing Coil replacement: Our technicians can replace damaged or faulty condensing coils to ensure optimal heat exchange and efficient cooling.

    7. Compressor replacement: If your AC’s compressor is failing, we offer compressor replacement services to restore proper cooling function.

    8. AMC/Extended Warranty: We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and extended warranty services to give you peace of mind and ensure ongoing maintenance and support for your AC system.

AC Installation & uninstallation

    1. Wall Chiseling: We offer professional wall chiseling services for AC installation, ensuring proper placement and secure mounting of AC units.
    2. Copper Piping and Drain Piping: Our technicians handle copper piping and drain piping installations to facilitate proper refrigerant flow and drainage.
    3. Cabling: We provide cabling services for AC installations to ensure safe and efficient electrical connections.
    4. Installation (Split AC/Cassette AC/Ductable AC): Whether you have a split, cassette, or ductable AC, we offer professional installation services to set up your system correctly and efficiently.
    5. Uninstallation (Split AC/Cassette AC/Ductable AC): If you need to uninstall your AC unit, our technicians can safely and efficiently remove it while minimizing disruption to your space.

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Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation

AC installation includes installation of indoor ,outdoor providing connections at appropriate locations.

Air Conditioning Repair

We offer fast, secure & quality repair services on all air conditioners (AC) brands in Delhi. Find the best price ac repairing at your doorstep in Delhi NCR.

Preventive Maintenance

Due to dust & debris, the performance of air conditioners gets affected with time resulting in expensive damages. We, with a team of highly skilled professionals, specialize in AC maintenance & repairing and guarantee the best quality hardware & equipment, long-lasting repair, warranty, and cost optimization.

Site Visits

We perform site visits to assess the Air Conditioning requirements and positioning of indoor and outdoor.

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